A Seeker in full plate steel armor, with a stag-horned helm at its top.


Warrik’s Talent in the control of Wind, giving him both great offensive and defensive potential. His martial training has been varied, but he prefers the feel of a polearm when entering into melee combat, relying on his Talent at range.


Most of Warrik’s past is unknown, but he’s spent a good deal of time as a Seeker; one who tracks down and kills those who break Eldin’s most sacred laws. The only part of his past that is known is that, at some point in the past, his position put him in opposition to his own brother, and he was forced to kill him to complete his duty. He did the task, and has become blindly devoted to the Council of Eldin as a way of coping with the loss. So long as he believes they are just, then the killing of his brother was justified, and his job has become as much about burying his guilt and grief as it has about anything else.

More recently, he pursued the criminals Eli and Mully across the entirety of Selenne after the old man illegally Bonded Eli to the Leyline. On the far side of the world from where they started, he finally cornered them in the Ironcrag Mountains. The giant tentacles of one of Hector’s beasts disrupted their confrontation, however, and both Warrik and his squire Tarm were forced into a fleeing battle across the countryside.

They eventually pulled free, and upon cornering Mully and Eli again, they – along with their new companion Cletus – convinced the pair that Eli was in fact a secret agent on a mission of the utmost importance to the Council. Although the situation was suspicious, their words were very convincing and Warrik gave them the benefit of the doubt. Together, thew slew the great beast whose tentacles had caused them to flee, then descended into the heave of the mountains to find and corner its source. At the conclusion of the fight, Eli killed the boy who spawned the monsters, but that act caused the Leylines and Bondings to disappear, taking all magic with it.

This act was not something the Council ever would have condoned, and Warrik immediately turned on his companions with accusations. His squire, Tarm, seemed equally troubled. A long argument ensured, and bit by bit Warrik became more convinced they’d made a fool of him, forcing his to commit treason against the only thing he could allow himself to believe in. He readied himself to attack his companions, but Tarm drew his own weapons and stood in his path. Seeker and Squire fought, and the last they were seen, the clash of their weapons could be heard echoing through the tunnels beneath the Ironcrags.

If he still lives, Warrik is one of very few people who knows the truth of what caused the Disappearance.


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