A young Squire whose first loyalty is to his family.


Tarm has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. His family is so poor as to be called outright destitute, in the country of Eldin the fastest way out of such dire straight is to become pregnant with the bastard of a Highborn lord. Unlike Lowborn, such bastards occupy an in-between caste that allows them to be Bonded to a Leyline, and to take on well paying positions that would otherwise be barred to those of low birth. With her husband’s blessing, Tarm’s mother did exactly this, and Tarm was the result.

Now his family’s entire financial health is resting on his shoulders, and thankfully he’s talented enough to do the job. At the young age of 13 he took the first job available to him, squiring for the Seeker Warrik even though a position among the Seekers is basically thought of by his peers as a black man joining the KKK. His job now is to hunt down other Lowborn who have violated the laws forbidding them from the Leylines, preventing them from seeking the better life that he only gained through his mother’s infidelity.

He was on such a hunt when everything went wrong, tracking the fugitives Eli and Mully across the length of the continent. He and his master eventually caught them in the Ironcrag Mountains, but the confrontation was halted by an attack from a huge, multi-tentacled monstrosity. By the time Tarm and Warrik had escaped and found them again, some glib talking convinced his master that Eli, one of their targets, was in fact on a special mission from the Council.

Tarm didn’t fully believe it, but gave the benefit of the doubt, nettling the group whenever possible to relieve his stress over the situation. Together, they slew the giant monster that assaulted them, then desceneded into the depths to find and kill its master. The master, however, turned out to be a young boy. Even after he fused with a hideous monster, Tarm was hesitant to really harm the boy, and when it came time to finish him Tarm hesitated and Eli was able to get the final blow. The second Eli’s spear blew through the boy’s chest, however, everything went wrong.

The Leylines were gone. The Bonding was gone. And everyone in that chamber knew that the death of that boy was at fault. Warrik, no longer believing Eli and Mully’s lies, argued with them over their purpose there, an instant away from resorting to outright violence. As the conversation went on, however, Tarm began to see their side of things. They hadn’t known what would happen, and after all they’d been through together now . . . Tarm couldn’t help see his family at home, and think of them. If illegally Bonding had been an option, wouldn’t it have been better than how his mother had birthed him?

So when Warrik readied his halberd, Tarm drew his daggers and blocked his path. A duel between the two quickly ensured as the group left them behind, escaping into the world above . . .

The outcome of their duel is unknown, as is their fate. If Tarm is still alive, he is one of very few people who know the real reason behind the Disappearance.


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