A blond-haired Lieutenant in the Danton Militia, who prefers getting results to following procedures.


Not much is known about Llewyn’s past, but whatever his origin he’s certainly taken a very harsh stance against lawbreaking. Determined and motivated, he managed to advance rapidly through the ranks of the militia despite a few infractions for excessive force. He certainly impressed Captain Trenton at the very least, who placed more trust in him than his rank would normally allow.

By the time of the Disappearance, Llewyn was already a lieutenant, and likely would have been promoted further if not for a suspension he faced after killing a man he was sent to arrest. They couldn’t prove it wasn’t self-defense, but there was enough suspicion to get him bumped down to guard duty for a month and his wages reduced to match. It was here that he met Eli and Jeung Xi for the first time, as he stood at high alert when they arrived through the gate with the body of an elderly man in tow.

Later he would meet them again at the Guardhouse. After Petran Dula captured and tortured Eli, Llewyn accompanied Jeung Xi, Gandrake and his other allies in the rescue attempt. During the fight, the eartcarriage’s controls failed, however, and he worked closely with Eli in order to engage the brakes on the rear car. In the end they succeeded in detaching themselves from the front carriage, but before they came to a stop a look passed between Eli and he. Without a word of communication, they simultaneously leapt upon Petran Dula where he sat perched in a wheel well, and kicked hum under the carriage where he was promptly ground to dust. They tried to kill Petran’s accomplices as well, but the others in their group stood up for them at one of them escaped in the confusion.

Llewyn was kept closer to Captain Trenton after that, used as a messenger, confidant and bodyguard for the man. He was often used as a contact between the Militia and the party, contacting them when the Militia had need of their services of had information they might have needed.


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