A young boy overwhelmed by an immense power.


Hector’s life growing up in Aravel was fairly regular; he had friends among the other boys, idolized his father, and was proud to receive his Bonding when he came of age. It wasn’t long after that, however, that things spiraled out of control for him. His bonding had given him some amount of empathic ability; it made him particularly good with their farm animals, as he could understand their needs better than anyone else.

How it went from empathy to the appearance of those horrible creatures is yet unknown. One day Hector just went out into the mountains to play by himself, and went missing for several days. By the time he showed back up, he had dozens of these tentacled monstrosities all over him, and they’d detached to consume the village. Some grew to a massive size, others merged with human hosts, and by the end of the day Aravel and the landscape around it had become a living nightmare.

Hector himself was taken to the bottom of a cave just outside of Aravel, where the creatures brought items and corpses from the town for him. Hector was hardly himself by this time, however, ranting about visions and religious connotations up until the moment a group of adventurers confronted him over the town’s fate. Hector, only half aware of what was really going on, merged with a monstrous being and fought them. The fight was long and hard, but in the end Eli drove his spear through Hector’s small chest to put an end to the nightmare.

Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of their troubles; Hector’s death somehow caused the Leylines to disappear, and began the death of all magic across the continent. The reason for his power going out of control, the form it took and his connection to the Disappearance are as of yet unknown.


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