An aging baker from the town of Aravel, he has thick brown hair and a noticable wrinkles around his eyes and mouth.


Aravel was a very small village, with only a dozen and a half buildings between all its residents. Edmund was a baker for the people who lived here, using grain traded from larger towns closer to the merchant’s roads to make food for him and his neighbors.

All that changed when a local boy went missing, and returned carrying an ethereal horror with him. The creatures that clung to Hector had spread throughout the town, claiming many lives including that of Hector’s wife. He saved himself by sealing himself in his large pantry and living off the food and water he’d stored there, refusing to leave the room until starvation demanded it.

It was still too soon, however, and the creatures soon caught and began draining him. Strapped to the town well, where he’d gone to get water, he was nearly killed before a small group of adventurer’s came in response to his screams. They fought and killed the abominations, asked him about what had happened, and then helped him on his way out of town so he could flee to the Merchant’s Way. He was last seen in Danton, where he’d fled to, as he took in the other survivors Anne and Susie.


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