A brown haired woman with streaks of gray forming around her temples, she is a fiercely protective mother.


After her husband’s death in a farming accident, Anne began working the fields and caring for their daughter herself, breaking free from the traditional female roles that most people expected her to cling to. Outspoken and hard working, her “brazen” attitude started rumors amongst some of the townsfolk, and she was not particularly well liked by the other wives in town.

When Hector returned with tentacled horrors clinging to his small body, however, everything changed. Anne grabbed her daughter, Susie, and fled to the basement her husband had installed. They thought they’d be safe there until the creatures left, but Susie’s cries drew them toward their location. The monsters fought and knocked and finally tore open the trap door leading to them, and descended to render both mother and daughter unconscious.

They awoke in a massive chamber, amongst the littered remains of furniture from their village. Chairs, tables and more were piled high in orderly rows around them, and nearby Hector sat staring off at the wall uncomprehending. They were largely ignored for some time, but when Anne attempted to flee with her daughter they were caught in a tunnel where gravity had no power. Anne pushed her daughter back and the creatures set upon her, badly injuring her before a group of adventurers arrived. These brave souls fought and killed the monsters, and a young man named Jeung Xi guided them out of the cavern Hector had made his lair.

Later, after the Disappearance tore the Bonding from them all, Jeung Xi and the group of adventurers guided them back towards the large city of Danton, where Edmund, the other survivor, lived. Although the journey was dangerous, and an elderly adventurer lost his life in transit, Anne and Susie arrived safely and excused themselves from the party. They have not been seen again.


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