Without a Trace III

In which great beasts are killed, and gravity itself defies our heroes.

Did I mention that Mully was also short for “Sir Mullitus Longinus”, and he sports a gray hairstyle to match? It’s, um, yeah. XD I worked it out with him that I’ll roll a d100 at random occasions, and if I hit a 3% threshold, he’ll fall asleep. Other than that, he’s free to use it for comic effect as much as he wants. Or just whenever he wants to avoid dangerous questions, such as how he keeps letting slip “It’s a good thing you’re so useful, now we wont have to kill you!” to Warrik, the guy they lied to to convince to help them. I’m thinking their temporary alliance wont last long. . . but I really hope the teabagging joke lasts until then. Details later.

Well, we wrapped up the first adventure yesterday. Everyone seems pretty happy with the current state of the game, although the two total newbies seem anxious to try out different character builds if they can get the chance to. Being new to the system and all, they seem to want to try out all of their options at present time.

As for the sessions themselves, we picked up where we left off, and the group charged onwards as the creature’s tentacles continued breaking through the walls in pursuit of them. Pushing forward, they managed to flush out the core, which was a large, worm-like head that split open to reveal hundreds of small, tongue-like tentacles within its maw. It was a solo creature, but it was also entirely alone and an equal level challenge, so they managed to blast through it without too much trouble with the help of a couple dailies. By the fight’s end though, Mully and Warrik were both low and health and out of healing surges, but without really knowing what it was, they managed to use some of the Creation magic that spawned the aberrant to restore lost healing surges and help themselves back up a bit.

As they helped Warrik up, Mully, who seems to enjoy constantly bantering with the NPCs, mentioned that they were just about to teabag him. Warrik, being somewhat oblivious to slang, asked what teabagging was, and Mully quickly tried to cover by explaining that teabagging was something friends did back in his homeland. With a big smile on his face, Warrik clasped his hand and said, “When all this is over, we’ll have to teabag together then, friend!” Much laughter ensued. XD

Jeung Shi, who had managed to tunnel his way out of the cave-in with his war pick, reconnected with them at this point after a bit of trepidation and confusion that Cletus took far too long to step forward and reconcile. Next was a prolonged roleplaying section that served to introduce the resident Korean Warden to the new party members, as well as the NPCs. Jeung Shi took a particular interest in young Tarm, the squire, as he tried to convince the boy that he should stay back out of danger and leave the fighting to his elders. This drew out a bit of the squire’s backstory, as he hotly countered that he can’t afford to. His mother willingly slept with a lord in order to have him, a bastard son, to help support the family with the rights and privileges only such children born to a peasant can get. He has to do what he’s doing now, because his mother and Lowborn siblings are relying on him. Still unhappy with having the boy fight, but not seeing an alternative, Jeung Shi let the matter drop.

Of Tyranis, there was still no sign; Jeung Shi’s last sight of him had been of him trying to protect himself with a dome of ice as the rocks fell down from overhead. So they pressed onwards, and eventually found a rather unnatural room waiting for them. A 100 foot long, 30 foot diameter perfect cylinder, it had small, blue tentacles writhing against its walls. Within, a child sat crying at the far side, and a woman floated weightlessly as she was batted back and forth by several aberrant monstrosities.

The encounter was pretty interesting. There was no gravity in the room once they stepped off the platform, and it required a DC 10 Acrobatics check to allow you to move as you wished in three dimensions. Failure allowed a saving throw, and failure on that caused you to fly a random number of squares in a random direction. Contact with a wall dealt 1d6 psychic damage to both PCs and enemies alike, and all attacks had “Push 1” added onto them on a hit.

After a few bad rolls, Warrik and Jeung Shi took the worst of it by slamming themselves into walls on failed checks, but they also managed to halve the time of the encounter by pressing their enemies into them as well. Remembering the discarded dolls from the first session, Jeung Shi bought the woman time to flee to her child, which the woman then took into the next room as she fled the area. We broke for the day with Warrik at 9 hp and out of surges, Mully at 15 hp and out of surges, and the rest of the party low on resources but at full hp.



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