Division of Danton II

Vaguely Recalled From Memory

This time I don’t have a summary, just what little I can remember from a few years ago. Here’s what I can recall.

I remember the party’s plan to a certain extent. Snow snuck in, pretending to be there for the meeting, but her cover was blown and the rest of the party was forced to descend and assist her. There was a large brawl, and I believe Alice stepped forward and provided cover with her crossbow as well. The rebels scattered, but a few were captured and turned over to Captain Trenton for processing.

In the meantime, that Selennian army in the mountains had begun its march, and Trenton was scrambling to prepare for them. Hoping to use everything available to him to prevent a disaster, he asked Ephraim, the only remaining Selennian official in the city, to treat with them, which of course put the party front in center. Ephraim’s loyalty may be conflicted between the city and his people, but at least he could be counted on to do his best to reach favorable terms for both. Alice left the group upon hearing this news, choosing to risk staying behind rather than getting involved in political matters.

That said, there were two major problems with this for Jeung Xi. You see, although he didn’t comment on it, Jeung Xi was also Selennian, and from an important family at that. Although he kept it to himself, he’d done something unforgivable and left his homeland looking to live and honorable life and redeem himself. So having to confront his own people was bad enough, but worse still he personally knew the man in charge and didn’t want to risk being recognized. Staying as quiet as possible, he allowed Ephraim to take the lead.

I don’t remember much of what happened after this. I think there was a preliminary meeting, in which Ephraim and Captain Trenton spoke with the Selennian military leader, and some demands were made. They wanted access to the city to look for something, but were evasive as to what that something was. Trenton wasn’t about to just let a foreign army inside, and so they left at an impasse. And I think we wrapped there, but again, everything involving the meeting is super vague to me.



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