Ganaval, country of free trade. Formed during the Troubles in a sign of revolution against a corrupt oligarchy, it was formed on the ideas of choice and freedom, and was the first of the Three Nations to provide Bonding for people of all classes within its borders. This unfettered access to the magic of the Leylines brought unprecedented progress to the nation, and long before the founding of the first Research Colleges in the neighboring nation of Selenne, the first practical, modern applications of magic in day-to-day life emerged from the fledgling nation.

Time passed, and old practices faded. Geomancers replaced the blacksmiths and architects. Runecarvers provided comforts such as inexhaustible light sources within city limits. Hydromancers worked alongside others to form complex aqueduct systems for the nation’s major cities. As the Arcane Talents grew more and more prevalent, the world changed, developed, and enterred a new age of untold prosperity.

Three weeks ago, all that ended.

The Leylines, the five great rents in the earth from which all the world’s magic flows, suddenly and inexplicably winked out of existence. As the people reached out to the Source for the magicks they used in their day-to-day lives, they found themselves reaching to nothing as their Bondings faded and died. The runes that lined the streets, bringing light and power, cracked and shattered as the magic that sustained them left entirely, and overnight, the cities descended into panic and chaos. The people blamed the government, and as the rioting began, law and order vanished as mobs took control of the streets. Already, various factions have risen up and secured entire regions of the country, while in other areas, a full menagerie of gangs and movements fight over a single city. The elected government officials are either in hiding or dead, and those who openly declared their support for them have faired little better. The world you knew has disappeared into chaos and confusion, and now all that’s left is for you to pick up the pieces.

For reasons all your own, you have found yourselves in the ruined city of Danton. Once a great trading port along the Eastern Rim, it has suffered much since the Disappearance. The bustling trade that once kept its people fed has all but disappeared, and constant infighting among the prowling mobs has left the city streets broken and abandoned. Looting has long since emptied most of the city’s store houses, and as food dwindles, so too has its populace, as families flee elsewhere in the futile hope that peace and stability might lie right over the next hill. As the mobs clash for control of each city block, you and those like you hold their ground and eke out a living, waiting for something to change…


Welcome to Leylines! This is an adventure designed for 3rd level characters, that will be using the Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition ruleset. Over the course of this adventure, your characters will have to explore the city and surroundings of Danton, unravel a portion of the mystery behind the Disappearance, prevent another wide-scale disaster, and regain what was lost to them. And if it’s a hit, there’s even room for expansion into a full-fledged campaign should there be a demand for it. So prepare to step into a world of lost magic and lost hope, and forge your path! The Leylines await.